The path to a zero-waste future. Help your village lead the way.  Our Village of Hastings-on-Hudson has charted a course toward a zero-waste future, and our residents are invited to join us on this adventure toward a greener tomorrow,  We call on adults to lead the way as educators and role models, and we also invite children to have fun while effecting meaningful, planet-saving change,  Embark on the scripted journey, downloadable below, and assemble the team and equipment you and your young companions will need to save an enchanted village. For Adult Guides - The Village of Hastings-on-Hudson has compiled numerous resources to help residents incorporate four simple waste-reduction principles into their daily lives: refuse, reduce, reuse, and recycle. Click to visit our Recyclopedia page and begin building a greener tomorrow, today!  A Glossary of environmental stewardship - Familiarize yourself with these terms, so you can pass them on to the next generation. Refuse - Resist impulse purchases and turn down unnecessary giveaway items. Reduce- Consume only the foods, household goods, and other resources you need. Reducing consumption reduces waste. Reuse - Just because you're done using it doesn't mean it has outlived its usefulness, Creatively repurpose what you can or donate responsibly instead of discarding. Recycle - Once you've refused, reduced, and reused,  be sure to recycle right. Make sure you are familiar with our recycling guidelines. For young adventurers - Once upon a time, an enchanted village stood where the Village of Hastings-on-Hudson is today. It was almost overwhelmed by an ogre's waste until a small but courageous young person, named Yu, dared to find a better way. Follow in Yu's footsteps and become a Hastings' hero!  Everyday Materials for Magical Transformations - You don't need powers to work your magic. Anyone can make things better - and you might even change the world while you're at it!  To save the Village, you'll need the right team and the right tools. Continue on to your quest.
Your Quest - The wasteful and insatiable Trash Troll is consuming the Village's food and supplies, leaving the villagers hungry, tired, and cold. The old ways have failed them, and they need a brave hero who understands nothing changes until someone leads by example. That hero is Yu.  Click to download Yu's story. Get ready to build your stage, puppets and act out an adventure that will lead your own village into a zero-waste future! Share your adventures as Yu. If you post on social media, tag @HOHgov or email #hastingsyuproject Copyright 2022, Village of Hastings-On-Hudson. All rights reserved. Site designed by the Niki Jones Agency.