Book Recycling

in Hastings-on-Hudson

The Book Bin next to the Textile bin under Warburton Bridge in the MetroNorth parking lot. Please use it! Map link.

Consider dropping unwanted but resellable books at the Hastings Public Library in their Barkin Corner Book Shop room, or during the Hastings PTSA book fair receiving window. Or, drop your unwanted books, resellable or not, in the Discover Books bin under the Warburton Bridge anytime. Discover Books is a national company dedicated to keeping books out of incinerators and landfills by reselling and redistributing usable books and using the proceeds to underwrite their book recycling program. Books require special handling because of the glues in their binding. 

ZWAT members researched extensively to identify the most environmentally responsible book recycler in the area and worked with the Village to get this bin installed. Books in can be deposited in the bin at any time. 



Hardcover books, softcover books, textbooks, board books, plastic-covered books. CDs, DVDs, and video games are ok (kept in separate box or container).


Not Accepted: 

Wet, moldy, smelly, or damaged books, newspapers, magazines, phone books, used coloring books, VHS, cassette tapes & vinyl records.


You can recycle newspapers, magazines, spiral binders and 3-ring binder-books curbside; please separate metal wire-sprirals and binders and put in the trash (if not reusable).