Where Does our stuff Go?

What happens to everything we throw "away"? 

Most of us never think about our waste after we bring it to the curb. The journey may surprise you. 


Trash generated in Hastings does not go to a landfill, but is incinerated at the Wheelabrator waste-to-energy plant in Peekskill, NY. ZWAT aims to keep as much material out of the incinerator as possible and send it on to better use. 

Think: reuse first, compost second, recycle third. 

Watch a video about the Wheelabrator here.


When our recycling is picked up, it is also carted to the MRF, sorted by hand and machine, and then baled and sold. This photo shows just a tiny bit of what we send to be recycled.

See the plastic bags? These complicated processing and should never be included in your recycling.


Our food scraps are picked up from our DPW, carted to Ulster County Resource Recovery Agency in Kingston, NY, turned into compost and sold.

What about the rest?

There are ways to properly discard and recycle other items like E-Waste and textiles. This list below should help.