Swap, Shop Borrow & Share

first and foremost, reduce your consumption

Take stock of what you have before you buy more.  Shop online less and shop locally instead. In doing so you'll have less packaging to recycle, less clutter and less to get rid of when you're done with it. 

And never ever ever forget leave the house without a reusable bag!

Here are some ideas to get you started.

Shop Locally

Shopping locally reduces packaging as well as the emissions spent on transporting goods to your door. Ask retailers to order something for you if they don't have what you're looking for.

Avoid packaged groceries

Buy loose fruits and vegetables at local supermarkets, grocers and farmer's markets. Use reusable mesh bags at the grocery store or reuse the plastic veggie bags you've picked up.

Shop Farmer's Markets: Hastings, Irvington and others

Join a CSA: Stoneledge delivers to Hastings; Harlem Homestead: pickup in Wingdale; Fable: Dobbs Ferry.

Buy loose at local grocery stores.

Bulk Shopping

Reduce your packaging by reusing jars and bags you already have. Fill those containers at stores with bulk shopping here:

Refill Room 

MOM'S Organic Market

Whole Foods

Second-Hand Shopping

Buy second-hand to keep perfectly good items out of the trash.

Some local second-hand clothes, furniture and housewares shops: 

Shop Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist, Mercari and others.

Look for items at estate sales, tag sales, and on Ebay.

Get stuff free from Hastings' TILI Garage.


Borrow before you buy.

Use the library!

Borrow using Buy Nothing Rivertowns on Facebook

Ask neighbors to borrow things like tools or appliances before buying new ones, especially if you're trying something out.

Local Sharing

Give and get items for free, giving them new life and keeping them out of the trash.  You can really find almost anything this way!

Go in with neighbors to share lawn mowers and tools.

Search Hastings' Facebook pages and Nextdoor site for giveaways or sales.

Join Buy Nothing Rivertowns on Facebook to borrow.

Get stuff free from Hastings' TILI Garage.