Where to Repair

Make it work!  Buy quality items and maintain them so they last longer for you, or so you can pass them on -- maybe even sell them. Don't be so quick to buy new or replace. Repair what you have. 

Repair Cafe

What is a Repair Cafe? It's a free, "pop up," volunteer-run event where you bring your broken item and learn how to fix it. Led by local volunteers Lindsey Taylor and Ariella Gastel, the Hastings Repair Café has started generating cafés in neighboring Rivertowns.

Learn more about the Hastings-on-Hudson Repair Café:


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Lunch is provided for those volunteering 3 hours+. 

Questions? Email: HastingsRepairCafe@gmail.com

VOLUNTEER for the next Café!
Join our dedicated roster of joyful fix-it mavens. Volunteers commit to 2 - 4 hours (add a little time to set your stuff up and/or break it down). 

Fixers needed for:

You don't have to be an expert or even be able to fix anything to participate during the day - we also need:

Local repair solutions

From electricians to upholsterers, to shoe repair to tailors, to vacuum and sewing machine repair shops... there are endless local solutions for repairing items that still have life in them.  Google, search on local Facebook pages, and ask your neighbors. You'll find a way to fix it!